Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Federer's Forehand: What a Weapon

(June 25, 2013)--Stumbled across this video of Roger Federer practicing then being mobbed by scores of awestruck fans at Wimbledon today (above). I can do without the latter (or the subscribe button at the top of the page for that matter), but getting back to the former, would you look at the velocity that Federer generates when he hits these forehands in practice? It's freaking superhuman! Oh my word, what a forehand! Everybody recognizes Federer as this truly regal, ethereal presence on a tennis court, and all of it is true, but when it comes to the forehand, Federer is a cold-blooded assassin. Look at him whip that heavy Wilson racquet through the hitting zone. I bet he could chop through a concrete wall or a 20-inch thick block of ice with that thing.

Federer plays Sergiy Stakhovsky tomorrow on Centre Court. He's four matches behind Boris Becker for the second-most all-time at Wimbledon. Stakhovsky is a very fun player to watch on a grass court, and this should be a very entertaining match to watch, regardless of the score line.

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