Thursday, July 18, 2013

Watch: Roger Federer is Getting the Hang of his New Stick

(July 18, 2013)-- Just two matches into the Roger Federer 98-square-inch era, the Swiss Maestro appears to be feeling quite comfortable with his new stick. Federer dispatched World No. 140 Jan Hajek 6-4, 6-3 in Hamburg on Thursday to advance to the quarterfinals of the Open.

Federer spoke about his experience with the racquet after today's match, saying, "It's a process I'm going through with Wilson at this point. We've been testing racquets for a long time, so this is a prototype that they've come up with... It still might change as we go along in the next few months and years, but I'm really liking it so far."

After spending over ten years with his previous frame, Federer says he likes the idea of something new after all these years. Call it the honeymoon effect. "It's fun, it's fresh," Federer said, "playing with something a bit different again for a change. even though I've made changes as well in the last ten years, but this one's a bit more drastic."

But those are just words, if you really want to know how Roger Federer is liking his new, larger-framed racquet, all you need to do is watch some video tape.

1. Can he serve well with it? You be the judge:

2. How about that legendary forehand, has the added power forced him to lose control? You be the judge:

3. And the backhand must be really difficult to control, now that he's sacrificed some maneuverability for a larger sweet spot. Well, okay, maybe not.

Federer will face Florian Mayer in Friday's quarterfinals.

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