Friday, September 9, 2011

Archie's Picks: Murray-Isner

Archie smells another upset in the quarters today.
When I fed Archie his breakfast today, he paused, and gave me that funny look. Then he snuck his snout in the air and sniffed rapidly for a few minutes before he plunged it into his bowl. I know that look. In fact, I saw it yesterday when he made his Pavlyuchenkova-Williams pick. Archie smells upset, and there's nothing I could do to tell him otherwise.

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Archie's Pick: Isner
Why: Archie thinks it's the big dog's time to shine today. He's picking it in 5-sets and 4 tiebreaks.

My Pick: Murray
Why: I remember the way Murray outclassed Isner in their only previous meeting at the 2010 Australian Open. It was a matchup that Murray seemed to relish -- it seemed as if he could toy with the big man by bringing him into the net then smashing a passing shot or plopping a lob over his head in his sleep. Isner's on his home soil now, and that should help, but Murray is just so crafty: even if Isner stays in this match with his serve, I feel that Murray will find a way to pick his spots and get his breaks, leaving the big man's movement exposed.

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