Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rafa Cramps and the World Swoons

 The tweets started coming at around 4 P.M. Eastern Standard time. It was the "Cramp heard round the world," and the only thing missing was the voice of a commentator saying—no screaming—"Rafa has a cramp, Rafa has a cramp!"

Still, it had to be the most coverage a cramp in a press conference has ever gotten.

Question: Is that a good thing, or are we all mixing a little too much paparazzi with our sports these days?

Answer: Of course it was a good thing. Look at the damn video, it's the best thing ever. Nobody got hurt, and we all got to spend a little time contemplating what it might be like to spend time with Rafa in the sack. What can be bad about that?

There he was, holder of 10 Grand Slam titles, the defending US Open champ, and the owner of tennis's most famous left bicep of all time, slumping in his chair, then slowly crumbling and laying on his back with a look on his face that can only be described as an erotic cross between pain and pleasure.

Who knew that pain could look so pleasurable?

And who knew that CBS would actually air footage of the defending champ suffering from cramps in the presser?

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