Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Deuce Court: London Scenarios

Deuce #1: The Chart above is pretty much all you need to know about London scenarios. Some of the details are funny though. Like if Berdych loses in his next match (3rd round), Either Almagro, Tipsarevic or Simon have to win the title in addition to Fish and Tsonga reaching the quarters. In other words, Berdych is a shoe-in. Here's a link to the link if you are genuinely curious. (click on "Paris Tuesday.")

Deuce #2: Fish and Tsonga will likely qualify too. Here's what needs to happen for Fish to miss out: If Fish loses in his first match (2nd round), one of these four things will have to happen: 1. Almagro reaches final (sure). 2. Tipsarevic reaches final (at best, moderately possible). 3. Simon wins title (sure) 4. Monfils wins title (imagine that?).

Add In: Tsonga, who is currently up a set against Guillermo Garcia-Lopez, is virtually a lock. If he wins today, Fish will have to reach the quarters and either Tipsarevic, Almagro, or Simon will have to win the title (sure).

Deuce #3: If Fish beats Florian Mayer tomorrow, Monfils is out. If Fish loses, Monfils needs to win the title to qualify (imagine that?).

Add Out: With the WTA season coming to an end this week, the women are now decompressing after a long season on the road. We don't gain much access as fans to the players during their off-seasons (I think that's a good thing), but this is where true champions are made.
Having two months is off is great from a player's perspective, because it allows for time to be a couch potato or travel, and some time to retool the game afterwards. Now, if only the men could have some time, too.

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