Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WTF Group A Semifinal Scenarios

In my last post we tackled the convoluted Group B semifinal scenarios. Now we will check out Group A.

Group A: Singles

Oh, geez. Since when did a year-end tennis tournament turn into a probability and statistics experiment? Check this out.

To put it in layman's terms, Ferrer is already in, but he isn't a lock to finish first. But, there are still ways for Ferrer to finish first even if he loses in straight sets (if Djokovic defeats Tipsarevic in straight sets too). Remember, head to head record doesn't matter if there is a three-way tie for first. This would happen if Djokovic beat Tipsarevic and Berdych beat Ferrer. Djokovic, Berdych and Ferrer would all be 2-1, and sets would have to be counted.

If you are still confused, I recommend reading this post over and over and over.

Group A Doubles:

The Bryans are not a lock to make the semis, but they can only miss by losing in straight sets if Lindstedt and Tecau win in straight sets. Below are all ten possible permutations.

Confused yet? Me too. Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the tennis!

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